Counselling is the skilled and principled use of relationship to facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth, and the optimal development of personal resources. The overall aim is to provide an opportunity to work towards living more satisfyingly and resourcefully. Counselling relationships will vary according to need but may be concerned with developmental issues, addressing and resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crisis, developing personal insights and knowledge, working through feelings of inner conflict or improvinfg relationships with others.

The counsellor's role is to facilitate the client's work in ways that respect the client's values, personal resources and capacity for self-determination.

(British Association for Counselling, 1989, p.1)

I believe Richard Erskine (Erskine, 1984) is right in primarily defining the integrative approach as referring to ‘the process of integrating the personality ... Of helping the client to become aware of and to assimilate his or her fragmented and fixated ego states into a script-free sense of self, that decreases the need for defence mechanisms - and rearranges the world and relationships into one with full human contact.’...‘(Also) it is in the integration of theory, taking into account the many views of human functioning and developing a contact-oriented relationship as a prerequisite for healing to occur.’

Michael Morgan, Oxford College Programme Mamager & Course Tutor, 2000

Transactional Analysis is a theory of personality. It offers a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and personal change. Each of us in childhood writes a story for himself or herself. That story has a beginning, a middle and an end. We often unconsciously use that story as the basis on how we live out our lives - this is known as 'life-script' in T.A. Breaking out of that script, developing new ways to communicate in relationships, new ways to think, feel and behave, is perhaps the foundation of TA when used therapeutically. The challenge to explore who we are, and where we are going in life, offers exciting possibilities - in an OK and respectful way - for healing, growth and change.

'TA Today', Stewart and Joines, Lifespace Publishing

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