February 2014

'Therapy with you is a safe space, a rock I can return to weekly in turbulent difficult times.' RT

Mark from Exeter - January 2014

Hi Mic,

Just wanted to say thanks for the time you've spent helping me. It's really good to get the whole of my family in perspective and not let them get me down any more.

All the best for your new counselling business in Exeter!



NR Exeter - August 2013

I have been in therapy with Michael for some six months, and feel happier and more centred as result. It has been good to be in a safe space to work through both personal and relational issues over this time. I like our work on 'drivers', like pleasing and trying hard, and how they got in the way my of evolving and growing into a more happy and authentic me.

Barry and Sue from Oxford

Working with your good self probably kept our marriage together, and certainly helped us to re-focus on our love for one another. Your homework tasks between sessions seemed quirky at the time, but working on them together reminded us of how much we enjoyed doing things together before we lost our way.

Thanks from both of us.

Susie from Reading

As a student in the scary world of university education, our six counselling sessions improved my sense of sense of who I was, my self worth, rather than who others wanted or expected me to be. X